Copyright Street Fashion Europe (https://www.flickr.com/photos/122661574@N05/sets)

As a part of my trip to London I participated in Japanese fashion lolita style event Enchanted organized by Street Fashion Europe.

There are so many informations, pictures and reports available so it doesn’t make sense to put it all here but you can follow Street Fashion Europe Facebook page for everything listed in one place :)


So let’s start with few basic…

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London trip

london 0041

I visited London with my husband for the first time in our lives! It was at the beginning of April. First of all to participate in Japanese fashion and lolita event Enchanted (special post about that later!) and of course to finally see London, since it was a big wish for both of us for years but we didn’t get to fulfill it before.

We traveled from Zagreb airport to Gatwick, it was also our very…

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Spring 2014. fashion show report

Photo copyright Art Clubbing & club Pepermint.

Check out many photos and info about my Spring 2014. fashion show at Art Clubbing – ON THIS LINK :)

Copyright Robert Bernat http://rbernat.com/

Copyright Robert Bernat http://rbernat.com/

PLUS video:

PLUS Artsome report.

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Briljantin interview

I did an interview for Briljanteen some time ago, it is a television show for teenage population in Croatia.

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SUBSITE report for Distopija concert

Subsite.hr made a report about the concert of my band Distopija in AKC Attack some time ago.

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Interview with LalaStyle

Read it on this link! :) Naj domaci i strani dizajner! Boudoir sestre i Vivienne Westwood.

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My book is on the market!

My book “Slatko lice pobune” is finally published and available on the market in Croatian bookstores and online (click for Superknjižara link) ! It explores Japanese subcultures and alternative fashion through sociological and cultural theories, especially regarding to feminism and consumerism. Great big thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that contributed to the book: publisher

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Last night in London, had such an amazing time here! Biggest thank you to Cathy and Foxie who took us in like we are family, it means so much! <3

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On my legs #Borovo #Startas

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Ready for #enchanted #lolita #egl #teaparty ! <3

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Headdress and choker for my Enchanted outfit <3 Day after tomorrow I will be in London, yay! *.* #enchanted #lolitastyle #egl #trip #london

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Working on donations for Enchanted ^_^ Heart shaped headdresses #enchanted #london #lolita #tea party #headdress

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Back home with my gorgeous new #startas sneakers <3 Night was a huge success, I wouldn’t make it without all the wonderful people that collaborated on the project, I owe my gratitude to you guys! Borovo d.d., Anna Kosir, Carla Crue, Ada Acid, Robert Bernat, Bianca Art Clubbing, models Anja, Nina, Marina, Marija, Ana, Petra, Jelena and also big thank you to my helpers, wonderful husband Alen and best hommie Akira!

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Tonight! MyauMania fashion show @Pepermint Art Clubbing, start 11pm. Collaboration Borovo & Ada Acid. All done, ready, steady, go! #morigirl #lolitafashion #egl #harajuku #otomekei #forest #fairy #spring #horns

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Last minute work on decoration for fashion show tonight! :) Ada & me collaboration from morning till dawn xD Come to club Pepermint tonight at Art Clubbing and see the products of our work, my Spring collection 2014., super cool Borovo Startas and Borosana shoes that models will be wearing! Magic is happening tonight, see you there!

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